Reason alone, one way or another, eventually turns into reasoning together. It sees the light of day. It meets its own history. It strikes up a conversation. And it’s never the same afterward.
Nathan Schneider, from God in Proof (via beingblog)

sad truth..:(

When a person cannot answer directly to the question, probably the answer is too painful for you to know or too hard for them to admit.


Personally, Infinity Rings symbolizes everlasting or things that last forever. Actually I didn’t know there are so other meanings behind these lovely bands adorning the 4th finger of your hand. 
Infinity Rings’ shapes actually meant continuity. Whereby the lovers’ relationship will continue and last and there would be no end to it. Further, with the diamonds surrounding every angle of the rings, it gives an additional meaning to it. Diamonds are undying love and devotion, loyalty, fidelity, eternal friendship, unwavering partnership and commitment. They can also represent the future, promising a life of togetherness and closeness. Diamonds on eternity rings represent all of these meanings in an eternal circle, essentially magnifying their meanings, continually encompassing the finger in a never-ending circle of lasting beauty. Very romantic isn’t it?

i’m mad at myself, not you…

I’m mad for always being nice,

always apologizing for the things i didn’t do,

for getting attached, for making you my life,

depending on you, wasting my time on you,

thinking about you, forgiving you,

wishing for you, DREAMING OF YOU,

but most of all


which I know I SHOULD.. but I JUST CAN’T ..



I’m not sad anymore. I’m just tired. Tired of that feeling where a part of you will always be a part of me.

I’m not even going to get mad anymore. I’m just going to learn to expect the lowest out of the people I thought the highest of…:))

You text the guy you like and he doesn’t respond. Obviously he fainted because he’s so happy you texted him, duh…